FLIBS: The Florida Association of World IB Schools

The Florida Association of IB World Schools

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FLIBS: The Florida Association of World IB Schools

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2022-23 Executive Board Members

­ Current Board Roster­ 2021-22 ­ ­
1 FLIBS President James Minor James.Minor@sarasotacountyschools.net Riverview High School *9/23
2 FLIBS Past President & President Elect Nicole Blackmon Nicole.Blackmon@ocps.net Jones HS 9/24
3 Community Rep Sam Himmel HimmelS@citrusschools.org Superintendent of Citrus County Schools 12/23
4 Community Rep. John Burton burtonhota@gmail.com NA 6/22
5 DP Chair-elect Anuj Saran anuj.saran@lwcharterschools.com Lake Wales High School 6/23
6 DP Chair/Board Treasurer Don Blackmon donald.blackmon@ocps.net Winter Park High School *9/22
7 DP Past Chair/Board President-elect Alan Hamacher Ahamacher@ccchs.org Clearwater Central Catholic High School 9/22
8 Educator/University Rep Sonia Wu swu@ncf.edu New College of Florida 9/21
9 Head of School Royce Turner TurnerR@duvalschools.org Paxon School for Advanced Studies 9/22
10 MYP Vice Chair Matthew Astone matthew.astone@ocps.net Glenridge Middle School 6/23
11 MYP Chair Nadia Stewart


Carver Middle School 12/22
12 MYP Secretary Lynne Newsom Lynne.newsom@ocps.net Jackson Middle School 9/23
13 PYP Chair-elect Lisa Vicencio lisavi1@verizon.net Carrollwood Day School 12/23
14 PYP Secretary Jennifer Noe


Freedom 7 Elementary 9/22
15 PYP Chair Shana Berg bergs@manateeschools.net Louise R Johnson K-8 9/22
16 Executive Director Pam Stewart pam.stewart@flibs.org NA NA
17 Dept of Education Rep. Paul Burns Paul.Burns@fldoe.org Senior Vice-Chancellor, K-12 Public Schools NA



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