FLIBS: The Florida Association of World IB Schools

The Florida Association of IB World Schools

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FLIBS: The Florida Association of World IB Schools

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Member Benefits

Membership in the Florida League of IB Schools (FLIBS) organization is a benefit to all authorized IB schools in the state of Florida. The membership dues for authorized schools is USD $300.00 annually. Schools in the application process with IBO are encouraged to JOIN as Candidate Members for an annual fee of USD $200.00. ­ Authorized schools in the Southeast United States and those with an interest in the IB may join as Affiliate Members with an annual fee of USD $200.00. ­Click the JOIN FLIBS NOW membership button on our homepage.

Member schools receive benefits which include:

These links will take you to the latest recipients of FLIBS Scholarships and FLIBS Teacher Grants.


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