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2017 DP/CP/IB Professional Development Workshop

Dates: 06/17/2017 - 06/20/2017

Location: TradeWinds Island Grand Resort in St Pete Beach, Florida

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Registration is closed for this IB Workshop.

Which workshops should I choose?
Choose category 1 workshops if you are new to the IB or if your situation is similar to any of the following:
• You are new to the faculty of a longstanding IB World School and have not taught in an IB programme previously.
• You are aware of the IB philosophy and programme structure but are not experienced in teaching or administering the IB.
• You are familiar with the IB subject guide (including assessment procedures, moderation) and would like greater confidence before teaching a course.
• You have inherited a course and would like a review before teaching it to suit your own style and expertise.
Choose category 2 workshops to develop your expertise in delivering an IB programme. You will have an opportunity to:
• make connections between programme frameworks and classroom practice
• enhance your understanding of assessment in IB programmes
• discuss and analyze standards and practices
Choose category 3 workshops to go more deeply into areas you enjoy and to deepen your understanding and mastery of a particular area or subject.

Please do not register for one workshop and expect to transfer to another on-site. THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE 95% OF THE TIME DUE TO SPACE AND MATERIALS!

If you have questions concerning any of the workshops, please contact info@flibs.org.


  • CP: Guidance Counselors (Category 1)
  • CP: Personal and Professional Skills (Category 2)
  • DP: Administrators (Category 1)
  • DP: Administrators (Category 2)
  • DP: Approaches to Teaching and Learning (Category 3)
  • DP: Biology (Category 1)
  • DP: Biology (Category 2)
  • DP: Chemistry (Category 2)
  • DP: Coordination (Category 2)
  • [FULL - YOU WILL BE WAITLISTED] DP: Counseling (Category 2)
  • DP: Creativity, Action and Service (Category 2)
  • DP: Environmental Systems and Societies (Category 2)
  • DP: Evaluating your DP (Category 3)
  • [FULL - YOU WILL BE WAITLISTED] DP: History (Category 2)
  • DP: Language A: Literature (Category 1)
  • DP: Language A: Literature (Category 2)
  • DP: Language B: Spanish (Category 2)
  • DP: Managing the Extended Essay (Category 3)
  • DP: Mathematical Studies (Category 1)
  • DP: Mathematical Studies (Category 2)
  • DP: Mathematics SL (Category 1)
  • DP: Mathematics SL (Category 2)
  • [FULL - YOU WILL BE WAITLISTED] DP: Psychology (Category 2)
  • DP: Theory of Knowledge (Category 1)
  • DP: Theory of Knowledge (Category 2)
  • DP: Visual Arts (Category 2)
  • DP/MYP/PYP: Understanding Leadership* (for all IB Programmes) (Category 3)

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Registration is closed for this IB Workshop.

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