FLIBS: The Florida Association of World IB Schools

The Florida Association of IB World Schools

FLIBS: The Florida Association of World IB Schools

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Quarterly Meeting Papers

The Meeting Papers page provides easy access to all papers from our Quarterly Meetings.

25-26 February 2016 Quarterly Meeting

Executive Board Minutes

DP Meeting Papers

PYP Meeting Papers

MYP Meeting Papers

FLIBS Personnel Committee Minutes

30 November-1 December 2015 Quarterly meeting

17-18 September 2015 Quarterly Meeting

11-12 June 2015

Executive Board minutes: ­­­6-11-15

DP General meeting minutes

John Burton's presentation: ­WWI Project

John Burton's presentation: ­Changes to IB History

John Burton's presentation: ­DP Coordinators' slide show

MYP Programme Meeting Minutes

PYP Programme Meeting Minutes

26-27 February 2015

PYP: ­John Barell's Handouts

PYP Minutes

MYP: ­Minutes­

Dave Weber's Slides (MYP)

DP Programme Board Minutes

DP Members Forum Minutes

DP General Membership Meeting Minutes­

Executive Board Minutes Feb 2015




December 2014 FLIBS Quarterly Meeting

September 2014 FLIBS Quarterly Meeting

June 2014 FLIBS Quarterly Meeting

20-21 February 2014 FLIBS Quarterly Meeting

3-4 December 2013 FLIBS Quarterly Meeting

12-13 September 2013 FLIBS Quarterly Meeting­

19-20 June FLIBS 2013 Quarterly Meeting

February 28-March 1 2013 FLIBS Quarterly Meeting

December 2012 FLIBS Quarterly Meeting





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