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FLIBS - We Are Two

We Help Two

Thanks to the generosity of FLIBS conference participants, Baker and Precious will be able to attend school next year! They will also receive new uniforms, room and board, and part of their teacher’s salary will be covered. 

FLIBS Conference Participants changed their socks and changed lives!
Baker Ssemujju

Baker Ssemujju

Age: 7
Favorite subject: Math
Hobbies: Dancing, 
Dreams of becoming a doctor

Precious Mirembe

Precious Mirembe

Age: 11
Favorite subject: Science
Hobbies: Dreams of becoming a doctor

We would love to partner with your school in the fall to make twice the difference.

There are 5 different ways to participate:

  • Socks for Your Own Cause (Raise funds for the cause of your choice, including your school)
  • Student Sponsorship (Sponsor a child to attend school in Uganda)
  • Socks for Legs (Provide a leg to amputees around the world who dream of walking again)
  • Socks for Water (Provide clean water to a community in Rwanda)
  • Best of Both (Raise funds for one of the first four projects and keep the rest for your own cause)
Funky Socks Change Lives!

Get Started Today!

If you would like more information or sign up please contact us at or click here.